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6 Weeks to a More Confident You

Have you ever wished you could be more confident?

Do you feel inadequate or not good enough?

Are you avoiding situations for fear of what people will think of you?

Do you feel guilty or anxious a lot of the time?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, this programme is for you!

This is a small group programme where I'll encourage and support you in developing your confidence in the areas that are most important to YOU.  You can meet other like-minded people in a safe, friendly and above all confidential environment, and grow together.

This has to be an event where everyone feels safe, therefore any participant showing judgemental or unsupportive behaviour, or breaching confidentiality, will be removed from the programme.  

The venue for this programme is The Training Rooms, High Street, Lydney (opposite the fire station) each Monday from 6 June to 12 July 2022 inclusive.  You should plan to arrive at 7pm and we'll be done by 9pm each week.  There's plenty of nearby free parking.

There are a maximum of 10 places on this programme, so don't delay.  If you book your spot before 20 May you'll get the whole programme for only £60, after which it will go up to £75.  That includes refreshments.  I've deliberately priced it at this level to make it affordable, but you'll get just as much value as you would from other programmes that might cost far more.

This is an interactive face to face event not a series of lectures, so there will be plenty of opportunities to address the issues that are bothering YOU the most.  But don't worry about having to speak up in front of a lot of strangers, you'll only have to share in the group if you want to.  Of course, by the time you've completed the programme (if not earlier) you'll be much happier talking to people anyway!

Your facilitator

My name is Caeredwen and I'm a qualified counsellor and trainer with over 15 years experience working with clients who have low self confidence.  More importantly, I've been where you are.  My own struggle with confidence started in my teens and lasted well into my 40s, so I know what it's like - that shrinking feeling of not good enough, the hollow fear whenever someone says they want to give you some feedback, the hot-and-cold-at-once sensation at the thought of meeting new people.  And the pressure of pretending, wearing the mask of a confident person while all the time you feel like a six year old who's just wet their knickers.

Whether you've had confidence issues all your life, or if they've arisen from life events such as losing your job, a relationship breakdown or being bullied, I can help you.  The techniques I'll be  sharing with you are ones that I've used myself in my own confidence journey as well as with many clients, so I can assure you they work!

Portrait of counsellor Caeredwen
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