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About Bowen therapy

what is Bowen therapy

Bowen Therapy is an incredibly gentle hands-on holistic therapy developed in Australia during the 1950s and 1960s by Tom Bowen.  Providing benefits on the physical, emotional and spiritual level, it can literally change your life. Bowen therapy moves your body towards its optimum health potential through precise, gentle moves - and you don't even have to take your clothes off.

who is it suitable for


Because Bowen is so gentle and non-invasive it is suitable for everyone from the newborn to the elderly, including those with disabilities or long term health conditions.

Please note I am not currently accepting new Bowen clients due to a lack of capacity.  I can refer you to another therapist if you wish.

Treating hands Bowen therapy

Many of my clients have been in pain for years and have not found anything through traditional medicine, or other complimentary therapies, that can help. Some have been told there is nothing that can be done for them, but they've still found relief from Bowen therapy.

I have treated clients with muscle, tendon and joint pain, stiffness, asthma, hormonal imbalance, sciatica, headaches, repetitive strain or sporting injuries, arthritis, MS, functional neurological disorder, and many other ailments.  

the treatment

Despite having been around for over 60 years, Bowen therapy is still relatively unknown.  It's an incredible, unique therapy with very wide-ranging possibilities.  It can also be very relaxing and pleasant to receive.  Some people complain that 'the therapist didn't really do anything' but amazingly, that's how the therapy works.  Because it helps the body to heal itself rather than healing it, there's no need for a lot of intervention by the therapist and it does sometimes appear that it works 'like magic'!

Each treatment lasts between 45 and 60 minutes with the first treatment taking slightly longer so I can take a full case history.  The therapy is usually applied lying first on your front and then your back, but can also be applied seated or even standing if you prefer.  A specialist lymphatic drainage treatment can also be administered. 

During a treatment you may feel nothing in particular, or you may feel tingling, floating or hot or cold sensations as your body reacts to the therapy.  There may be also be some short lived pain.

I recommend new clients have a Bowen Assessment Programme consisting of two treatments a week apart.  This allows us to assess how well your body is responding to the treatment and how many, if any, further sessions you need.  By the time you've had those two sessions you should be feeling better; if you aren't, then Bowen therapy isn't the right thing for you.

I also offer a specialist lymphatic drainage treatment, which is suitable for anyone who has experienced Bowen before.  If you haven't, you can book a package which includes one standard Bowen treatment and one lymphatic treatment.

Depending on the cause of your pain, whether it's due to a health condition or arising from an aspect of your lifestyle that you can't or don't want to change, such as a job or hobby, you may benefit from regular fortnightly or monthly treatments.  Some clients like a monthly session as an investment in their wellbeing to help ward off aches and pains.  

If your pain is related to an emotional issue such as stress or anxiety, which can have very profound physical effects, you may find it helpful to talk through some of your feelings as well.  I can do that during a Bowen session to some extent, or you can book a separate talking therapy session or a longer, combined session where we address both physical and emotional needs together.

Bowen therapy is a complementary healthcare modality which is designed as an aid to health and is in no way a replacement for a doctor or medical care where that is indicated.  No guarantee is given or intended as to the results obtainable for any individual client.  

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