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About the Clinic

My clinic is a safe space where you can talk about anything, no matter how embarrassing or shocking you - or anyone else - may feel it to be; I do not judge and I provide an entirely confidential service.  However you don't have to talk about anything until you're ready.  Clients often have several sessions before they feel comfortable enough to disclose significant life events, and that's absolutely fine.

I believe in the value of self-care and encourage everyone to take a short period out of their busy lives to connect with and care for their physical, emotional and spiritual selves.   It’s impossible to truly care for others in the long term if you neglect yourself.  

Internal view of the Magic Hands Calm Minds clinic

I am convinced that the emotional and physical are intrinsically linked.   We know this - we know that our emotions have physical effects, whether it's just wanting to jump up and down with excitement, feeling unpleasant effects like palpitations or breathlessness, or manifesting as serious long term health problems like fibromyalgia, arthritis and ME.  This relationship is often ignored by traditional medicine, which tends to focus on the area where it hurts - which may not be where the problem is, even if it has a physical basis!   So I treat the whole of you, from head to toe and from the outside in. 

Bowen clients often want to talk to me about their problems, and as a qualified counsellor I can do more than just lend a sympathetic ear or join in the moaning!  And my counselling clients often like to have an occasional Bowen session to relax them and deal with any aches and pains that might have come up during the course of day to day life.  Some clients book a longer session and have both counselling and Bowen in a single appointment, which is great if you have both physical and emotional symptoms whether or not they're connected.

My clinic is in Coleford in the Forest of Dean where I provide my hands-on therapy and face to face counselling services.  Counselling can also be provided via Doxy, an online video conferencing platform designed specifically for healthcare, and I'm specifically trained in providing online counselling.  A regular monthly Bowen treatment or counselling session costs only about half as much as a daily cup of coffee, so why not make this the year you commit to your wellbeing?


the Stay Healthy plan

Many of my clients come monthly for an investment in their wellbeing, and this can be formalised in membership of the Stay Healthy plan.  The benefits of this are:

  • 13 appointments over 12 months - one every 4 weeks or a monthly appointment and one over for 'emergencies'

  • 13 appointments for the price of 12

  • Priority appointment booking, including a regular slot so you can plan around your appointments well in advance (if that suits you)

  • Payment by monthly standing order on the date of your choice - no need to remember to bring your purse or credit card.

Most people use this plan for Bowen therapy, but sometimes they'll want to bring an emotional issue up instead and as a Stay Healthy client that's absolutely fine - you can use your session however you like.  And some people like to have a regular chat about their life, problems they're facing with work colleagues or family members, or a decision they're struggling to make.  A regular 'offload' is very beneficial for your emotional and physical health and is ideal for those who haven't anyone else to talk to, or who want to talk about something that affects or involves someone in their circle.  And of course, as a qualified counsellor and coach I can say things that are actually helpful, instead of telling you what you should do, criticising you for the way you feel, or turning your problem into something about me.  So if you don't feel ready for, or need, a formal counselling arrangement then the Stay Healthy plan might be the very thing for you.

And if you're wondering 'why Magic Hands?' it's simple.   When I first started my clinic, my clients would contact me saying 'I need your magic hands to fix my xxx'.   So Magic Hands became the obvious choice.   Then they started talking about how calming they found the treatment, and so Magic Hands : Calm Minds was born.

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