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Online Support

All the resources you'll find here are available whether you're a client now, have been in the past, might be in the future or don't think you'll ever be.  I hope you'll find them useful. 

Online Courses

Find a portfolio of self-help courses you can complete in your own time. (Some material is chargeable)

Client Stretches

Sign up for free to access some gentle stretches you can do at home either to supplement your Bowen therapy or to relieve pain and stiffness without coming to the clinic. 

Official Documents

The boring stuff - Covid-19 protocols, insurances, data protection and other legal documents.

Supportive Wallpapers

Sign up for free to access supportive downloads designed specifically for your smartphone screen.

Top Tips

Sign up for free to access these downloads that can help you with specific topics affecting your mental and emotional health.


A selection of videos about me and my therapies that you might find helpful in deciding whether or not you want to work with me.

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