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Bowen and... Back pain

A recent survey found that British businesses lose an estimated 4.9 million days from employee absence due to work related back pain. The North East suffers than most, with 2 people in every hundred having to cope with the condition. As a result, each affected employee takes an average of 19 days off work, which in turn puts the business at stake.

Recent studies carried out by the NHS show a significant increase in teenagers suffering with back pain. This age group costs the NHS nearly £4billion per year, working out at an average of £8,000 per teenager. Despite this the number of back pain sufferers is still prominent with treatment showing no guarantee of success.

GPs often recommend ibruprofen and rest, which may be the last thing your back needs; in some cases they will even suggest surgery.

Back pain is often caused by issues with the quadratus lumborum muscle (across the small of your back), the gleuteals (bottom muscles) and even by the gastrocnemius which is in the back of your calf. Problems with the shoulder can also impact the back. A lot of back problems come from sitting for too long, which is the subject of another blog explaining how under-use of the gleuteals can be the cause of back pain (which is why resting may be entirely the wrong answer). Even sciatica, one of the most common forms of back pain, is often attributed to tightness in the piriformis muscle.

All these problems can be relatively easily rectified by as few as two or three Bowen sessions, and a regular monthly treatment can prevent them from recurring. Some occupational health providers will offer Bowen treatments, which is an indicator of how successful the therapy can be in dealing with back pain.

So if backache is interfering with your life, why not give Bowen a try?

Based on a blog by getyouseen published on BTPA website 20 Jul 2016

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