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What can I do for you?

One of my first clients came to me with a self-confidence problem. She had a good job with plenty of prospects, but she didn't dare speak up in meetings and she felt that was holding her back.

Our early sessions were about what was going on for her when she was in a meeting, and why she felt unable to say anything. She quickly identified that the problem was she didn't think anyone would be interested in what she had to say. The reason for that was that she believed everyone else was better than her - cleverer, more skilled, more interesting, a generally nicer and more valuable person than she was.

"Everyone?" I asked.

"Everyone," she confirmed.

The people she encountered were all better than her in every way, from the senior manager to the person sweeping the street. When I asked how much better, she made a helpless gesture indicating 'A lot'.

I worked with this lovely lady for nearly two years. During that time she got promoted, a thing she would never have considered possible before. At the end of that period her daughter got married, and she stood up at the reception in front over over 100 people and made a speech.

My work was done.

That's the sort of thing I do. If you'd like me to do it for you, please get in touch.


Caeredwen is a counsellor, coach and physical therapist based in Coleford in the Forest of Dean. If you would like to contact her in confidence you can reach her at or via her website at

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