Helping you feel the way you wish you felt.


I offer counselling sessions face to face in my Coleford clinic or via Zoom.  I'm specifically trained in online counselling.

Sessions are normally one hour and cost £45, but longer appointments can be booked on request.

Bowen Therapy

A gentle hands-on therapy provided through clothing to reset the body and enable its natural healing mechanisms.

A session is approximately one hour and costs £45.


Reiki is a holistic energy channelling and healing therapy which helps balance and harmonise the mind, body and spirit.  It can relieve pain, alleviate stress and promote peace and relaxation.

I channel powerful dragon energy and may even be able to introduce you to your own personal dragon!

Reiki can be administered with or without touch. 

A 30min session is £30.

Combined Treatments

Not sure what you need, or have multiple requirements?  No problem!

I can administer Reiki during a Bowen session at no extra charge.

If you booked one kind of session but when you arrive feel that you need another, that's fine; I can adapt to your needs on the day.

Or book a longer session and have two therapies; either start with some relaxing Bowen or Reiki before you share your emotional problems, or finish a talking session with a physical treatment.  Combined sessions can be either 90 minutes for £65 or 2 hours for £85.

Online Support

Whether you're coming to the clinic or not, you can access a variety of online support to help your emotional and physical wellbeing.  

Resources include:

Gentle stretches

Supportive phone wallpaper downloads

Online courses

Top Tips on a variety of subjects

Emotional Lifeline

Every so often life throws something at you that knocks you off balance.   Whether you knew it was coming or not, it can still have a devastating effect.  Friends and family often are either too involved themselves, or fall into 'fixit' mode ('If I was you I'd...') which just isn't what you need.

The Emotional Lifeline is a free one-hour Zoom call or face to face session where you can offload, seek advice or test out coping plans without judgement or pressure.   Designed as a one-off, it can lead into a counselling arrangement if you wish.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be redeemed for one or more

Bowen sessions or Reiki treatments.

Valid for 3 months.

Pay it Forward

Make a one-off or regular payment to cover part or all the cost of a counselling session for someone who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it.  I will select the person who needs your donation the most, or keep it until a deserving client arises.