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Emotional and Physical Therapy

Whether you need physical healing, emotional support or both, I offer single treatments or a combination to help you feel the way you wish you felt.


 I am a fully qualified Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor, CBT practitioner and Bowen Therapist,  as well as a trainer for the  

Academy of Emotional Therapeutic Counselling and a practitioner in CBT for insomnia.   I work online and from my clinic 

  in Coleford,  Gloucestershire; and I look forward to exploring the possibilities of these amazing therapies with you.    

If you know what therapy you want you can book online from the button below. 

If you're not sure, please explore the options on this site or feel free

to get in touch for a discussion about your particular requirements.

CBT for Insomnia

If you've had problems with your sleep for more than 3 months, you may have clinical insomnia.

This proven treatment can improve your sleep in only 8 weeks.

Lymphatic Drainage

This specialised Bowen treatment can help a variety of issues related to fluid retention and improve your overall health.  Suitable for anyone who has experienced Bowen before.

Online Support

Whether or not you come to the clinic you're welcome to check out my online support resources including downloads, training and my blog.  I regularly add to the portfolio so come back as often as you like to see what's available.


Read some of the things my clients have said about me and how I've helped them change their lives.  Or leave me a review yourself, if you've experienced my therapies.

Read my blog

If you want to know more about what I do, 

or read some (hopefully) helpful and entertaining advice,

you'll find it here.

Learn about me

Find out a bit more about me and what makes me different, how I came to be a therapist and the qualifications I have which allow me to help people just like you.

Emotional issues

Do you need someone to talk to who actually listens?

Do people take advantage of you?

Does guilt or anxiety stop you in your tracks?

I can help you feel the way you wish you felt.

Counselling needn't be scary.  I've felt those feelings so I understand.  Book a free 45 minute introduction session where we can learn more about each other and decide whether I'm the counsellor for you.

Combined treatments

Are your physical and emotional symptoms linked?

Do you have pain, but would also like someone to talk to?

A 2 hour combined session allows time to address both your emotional and physical needs.

Physical pain

Are you putting up with pain because you've been told nothing can be done about it or that it's an inevitable part of getting older?  

It's not true!

Gentle, hands-on Bowen therapy helps the body to heal itself rather than healing it, so its possibilities are very wide-ranging.  It's suitable for everyone from newborn to the elderly, and for those with disabilities or long term health conditions.

Please note I am not currently taking new Bowen clients.

Spiritual rebalancing

Reiki is an energy healing and rebalancing therapy

delivered with or without touch.  Book a 30 minute session, or Reiki healing can be combined with a Bowen treatment

for no extra charge.

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