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Here you can read some of the things my clients have said about me and my services.

If you'd like to leave me a review you can do so from the button below.

Counselling Testimonials

Caeredwen allowed me ample time to talk; she didn't interject and I really felt she was listening to my story.

Last time [xxx] happened I wasn't anxious at all.  I could hardly believe it.  Before I started seeing you I would have been a wreck.

I felt completely listened to.  Caeredwen was so warm and caring. 

I always come out of my session feeling as though I can take on the world.

Caeredwen challenged my statements and made me think.  She gave me the space to feel and be vulnerable. 

I found you very easy to talk to; you really listen to me and I feel as if you understand.

I've only had one session but already I feel calmer and better able to cope with things than I ever have.

I haven't repressed anything since I've been to see you.  Our session allowed me not to be too hard on myself.

Bowen Testimonials

I came out of my session feeling ten years younger!  

Everyone needs to check out Caeredwen - she's actual magic!

Caeredwen really knows her stuff and is very thorough - highly recommended. 

My very knotty back and shoulders have been massively relieved... I'm slowly finding my natural posture is improving and I feel that I'm even standing taller.  Magic Hands really does live up to her name!   

I can lie on my back at night now, which I haven't been able to do for years.

I always feel so much better after a session with you.  Definitely Magic Hands!

Caeredwen took all my concerns/pains on board (shoulders, neck,hip and back), I came out a smiling happy person.  I will definitely be booking in again. Thank you.

My hip and leg are sooo much better after our session yesterday.  Thank you for working your magic again.

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